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Virus Warnings
Mal/Delf-AS Source:Sophos virus alerts
Mal/Buzus-D Source:Sophos virus alerts
Mal/Bredo-A Source:Sophos virus alerts
Mal/Agent-W Source:Sophos virus alerts
Mal/Adload-B Source:Sophos virus alerts
W32/Autorun-BBI Source:Sophos virus alerts
Troj/VBc-Gen Source:Sophos virus alerts
Troj/Hook-H Source:Sophos virus alerts
Mal/Inject-W Source:Sophos virus alerts
Top 5 Stories
IDGA's 4th Cyber Security Summit Will Help Facilitate Partnerships to Combat Increasing Cyber Threats Source:AV Video
McAfee To Launch Identity Protection Service For Consumers Source:Nasdaq
DJ McAfee To Launch Identity Protection ... Source:Morningstar UK
David Cameron does U-turn on computer hacker Gary McKinnon
McAfee buys into mobile security Source:Mobile News
Symantec buys PGP and GuardianEdge
Symantec Takes $370 Million Plunge Into Encryption Market Source:Dark Reading
Bugtraq: Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco Application Extension Platform Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Source:SecurityFocus
Bugtraq: Re: [oss-security] [oCERT-2010-001] multiple http client unexpected download filename vulnerability Source:SecurityFocus
Bugtraq: CA20100608-01: Security Notice for CA PSFormX and WebScan ActiveX Controls Source:SecurityFocus
Bugtraq: McAfee UTM Firewall Help Reflected Cross-Site Scripting Source:SecurityFocus
Vuln: SmartISoft phpBazar 'picturelib.php' Remote File Include Vulnerability Source:SecurityFocus
Vuln: Content Management System module for PHProjekt 'path_pre' Remote File Include Vulnerability Source:SecurityFocus
Vuln: WebKit IRC Port Blacklist Information Disclosure Vulnerability Source:SecurityFocus

Latest Headlines
Secretary Napolitano Announces Winners of National Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge Source:Department of Homeland Security
Finjan Sues McAfee, Symantec Over Patent Claims (PC World) Source:Yahoo! News
Hacker wrecks 175 websites, leaves Facebook fan link Source:NetworkWorld
First-generation firewalls fail in Web 2.0 Source:ZDNet Asia
United States Extends Lead as Top Spamming Nation as European Output Rises, Sophos Reports
McAfee, Inc. Launches the First Comprehensive Personal Identity Protection Product From A Leading Security Company Source:IT Business Net
4 Encrypting an Access Database
WSJ: NSA's "Perfect Citizen" CyberSecurity Program Source:Converge! Network Digest

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